A Fundraiser’s Journey Bonus Post: The latest thing

Kelly picKelly Updike for PCNRC, A Fundraiser’s Journey series

If you haven’t heard of the Ice Bucket Challenge, you are either chained to your desk without Internet access or are out meeting with your own donors (I hope it’s the latter).

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a fundraiser for the ALS Association that supports people with and research for what is more commonly called Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

This is a dare you make to three people – preferably via social media – to donate to ALSA or dump a bucket of ice over your head. Within 24 hours. If you accept the challenge, then you can dare three more people.

Everyone from my cousins to President Obama has been involved. Most seem to make the donation AND dump the bucket. Here’s how it works: The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge 

Is this popular because it’s silly? Allows for individual expression? Easy to do? Makes for good video? Helps a good cause? You bet!

This is Bill Gates taking the challenge:

And this is Patrick Stewart:

While bringing in a mind-boggling amount of donations – as of early September, the ALSA website says that nearly $110 million (that’s $110,000,000, people!) has been raised by the Ice Bucket Challenge – unfortunately, it also has brought scammers and bullies.

So, ALSA also has had to stay on its toes with solid PR strategies: The ALS Association Debunks Fake News Article that Went Viral

How did this go viral? More importantly, what can we learn from it and translate to our own organization and community?

Take a look at your own special events – be sure they are engaging, imaginative and fun. Maybe one day your fundraiser will be a worldwide sensation. It happens.

From Parade online, “48 More ALS Ice Bucket Celebrity Challenges! Patrick Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, and More

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