Reminder: Introduction to Photography Workshop

Ever hear of “the magic hour”? We’ll give you the rundown!

Don’t forget to register for our very first introductory photography workshop: “Photo Field Trip: Focusing Your Nonprofit’s Image

Within this session we will explore some of the fundamental building blocks of visually representing your organization through photography. The workshop will be broken down into 3 parts:

  • Building a Vocabulary: What are the incremental parts that make a photograph?
  • Selecting and Editing an Image: We will take a minor “Field Trip” around the immediate downtown area to take some photographs. We will then return to the Library to practice on free photo editing software.
  • Intent and Purposes: Let’s consider what an image is saying about your organization.


  • While it is not necessary to bring a camera, we do highly recommend participants bring a high resolution smart phone, tablet, or digital camera so that you may have the opportunity to practice within a group setting.
  • If you do bring a camera/device, please be sure to bring any connections you will require to upload pictures to a computer.
  • As we will no doubt be practicing with a large range of equipment, please be aware devices you use to take photographs and the computers the library has available may not be compatible. If this is the case we will provide you with photos to practice editing.

A brief disclaimer: While any one may register (YES, even You!) please be aware this workshop is intended for individuals with very little to no experience with photography or using digital cameras on various mobile devices.

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