Storytelling and Introspection


A couple weeks ago many of you joined us in a conversation on storytelling with Andrew Hoffman and Ryan Schnurr; hosted by Amber Recker.

With the questions asked, comments made, and experiences shared, we were reminded of the introspective opportunity storytelling and marketing affords many nonprofit organizations.

Yes, these are tools designed to potentially attract or retain funders, but they also provide us the space to truly consider the simplest version of what our organizations can and should be.

With this in mind we wanted to remind you to check out the materials from Andrew and Ryan’s presentation located at the slide share link above. You can also download a copy of Andrew and Ryan’s STORYTELLING ONE SHEET.

We also invite you to check out NeighborLink’s Vimeo account which features a variety of videos demonstrating the effectiveness of duration, subject specificity, programming, and consistency.

And lastly, we wanted to share a video commissioned by the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center in which Donald Gage shares his experience with our Get on Board programming and his continued efforts to take down barriers to encourage social mobility. Production credit goes to Andrew Hoffman and Ryan Schnurr:


How has the marketing process helped clarify and sharpen your organization’s outcomes?


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