Show Your Love – #thankstoAmber

amber recker 3-12Marketing Minute, a series by our (completely volunteer) guest blogger, Amber Recker, is on hiatus for the summer. Amber and her energy and experience will return this fall.

We wondered if, like us, you feel incredibly grateful for Amber’s service to your learning?

Do you have tangible results for your organization because of her series? or her programs?

Are you feeling renewed in your marketing efforts #thankstoAmber?

Please, join us on Twitter, Facebook, and here, in the comments to share your success with Amber. Can you take some time over the next several weeks to express your gratitude with simple #ThankstoAmber notes like:

“#thankstoAmber we’re tweeting again and love connecting with folks we serve. We’re grateful to @amrecker for her support!”

“We’ve started reaching into a key target audience and learning more about their needs #thankstoAmber”

“I’ve met some incredible local marketing pros I can ask for guidance #thankstoAmber”

And, in the interim, we welcome you to pause and review what you’ve learned.

Take some to time to reflect on how you’ve applied what Amber’s taught – and let us all know.

Comment here, on our Facebook page or on twitter with your personal and professional #thankstoamber.


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