Meet the New Intern…

” Hi, I’m Intern Andy (it’s got a nice ring to it, huh?), a recent transplant from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. My distinguishing features include a beard and Andy Helmkampa bike helmet (no, I don’t wear it all the time, only when riding).


After spending the past 4 years working as a head coffee roaster and green buyer, I felt the desire to transition into the nonprofit sector. While in Wisconsin, I volunteered and performed contract work for Milwaukee Film, a nonprofit orchestrating the Milwaukee Film Festival and offering film education programs for Milwaukee youth. Highlights of this experience included teenage magicians and a nearly full 1,000 seat theater of school children watching a documentary about slam poetry. (There was also that midnight screening of “The Giant Spider Invasion” but that’s a different story). It was this experience which inspired me to seek out avenues for learning more about nonprofit fundamentals.


I hold a MA in English with an emphasis on cultural theory and cinema from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and hope to serve the community by working in or establishing a nonprofit which emphasizes the importance of media literacy to all. I plan to use my time at the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center as an opportunity to learn more about effectively creating and fulfilling a nonprofit’s mission.”

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