Connect to Potential Board Members – Invite Emerging Leaders to a Committee

Since November of 2011, we’ve partnered with YLNI to train, connect, and support emerging leaders who wish to serve nonprofits.

To date, we’ve served more than 160 emerging leaders!

Are you ready to connect them to your organization?


Instead of inviting them directly on to your board, we encourage you both to get to know each other through committee work.

Do you have any current or upcoming committee opportunities? Share them with us by June 27th for the next issue of Stay Connected, our emerging leader newsletter.

Let us share these with our 160+ emerging leaders through our Stay Connected emails.


Share either a detailed Blank Organization Information Board Profile form and/or a brief one or two lines about committee openings and we’ll spread the word. Submit to no later than June 27.

Already submitted an organization profile for a past Get Connected: Nonprofit Speed Dating event?

Profiles from 2013/14 events will be shared. Please let us know if you have updates to make.

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