Nonprofit Storytelling Resources

Last week we held a small group program on nonprofit storytelling resources. Participants shared a variety of goals and formats for sharing their story – Here are tools to meet each of those goals.

Please let us know if you have questions. And stay tuned for our July 15th Marketing Seminar Series on Telling Your Story with Andrew Hoffman and Amber Recker.

Nonprofit Storytelling Resources

Why Nonprofits Need to Be Storytellers – a Bridgespan Group interview with Andy Goodman, nationally recognized author, speaker and consultant in public interest communications.

Nonprofit Communications Resource Guide – a PDF list by Lightbox Collaborative, hosted on CompassPoint

PCNRC Notes on Storytelling Resources – includes:

Notes on Andy Goodman’s Storytelling as Best Practice – if you take away one thing, you will get to know Andy Goodman’s material. Check out his quick, easy-to-read book, read and subscribe to his email newsletter, Free Range Thinking.

Story Banking Resources- from

Tell us Your Story” – a sample page for collecting stories
Strategies for Storybanking and Engaging Young Adults

The New Community Anthology: Digital Storytelling as a Community Development Strategy

WeAreMedia Storytelling page

“Blogging and Storytelling”

“Questions to ask when choosing topics”

“Video Storytelling and Strategy”

Pixar’s 22 Rules to Phenomenal Storytelling as an infographic created by Emma Coats at LawnRocket for PNJPublishing – Thanks to Kevin Mullet for pointing to this last week!

Coming soon:

We’re creating a kit with 10 copies of Nonprofit Storytelling for Board Members and a DVD of the same title. We’ll post to this site when it’s ready to check out and share with your board.

Online bonus: 

Andy Goodman’s “Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes” Enjoy!

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