Day of Restoration 2014

While formal evaluation is still pending, we’re pleased to report back that our Day of Restoration guests valued their time exploring these practices and services. Participants stopped us regularly throughout the day in deep gratitude.

“This is so good. This day. This is so important.”

“The day gave me new thoughts about old issues and most of all, time to reflect.”

“Congratulations, and thanks for a wonderful event on Friday! It really was a day of restoration, and I appreciated and was impressed by a number of the younger leaders present. [We] made helpful connections we will have for some time to come.”

“I really needed this.”

We’d like to take a moment to thank our guests for the courage and openness to spend a day being – and not doing. Thank you and may you carry any blessings you may have received forward into meaningful practice.

We are grateful to our teachers and guides for the day. Your goodwill offering of sharing your experience and expertise is appreciated beyond words. Thank you for sharing your practices and your gifts.

Many thanks to Nancy McCammon-Hansen and Trinity Episcopal Church for opening your space to our day. The welcoming of your church community created a sweet container for our guests.  Nancy, we are grateful for your nurturing the seed that grew into this program and for your collaborative spirit. Who knew nonprofit burnout could bear such fruit?

And to our curious readers, we encourage you to look through our Facebook photos, and look over the list of practices and practitioners if you’d like to connect on your own.

Day of Restoration Teachers and Practices

Richard Johnson, Ph.D. – Mindfulness Meditation and opening session

Kyah Harward – Pranayama
Julia Henry – Closing Tea and meditation
Nancy McCammon-Hansen – Labyrinth and host
Jenny Nash – Reiki
Joan Pauley – Aromatherapy
Bethany Pruitt – Mindful Lunch and Yoga
Lauren Richwine – Writing to Restore the Soul
Deb Roemisch – Acupressure
Joyce Vaughan – Healthy Foods

Many thanks and blessings to all! May we all be well and happy!


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