Nonprofit Speed Dating is Not a New Concept

I recently came across this article on the Nonprofit Quarterly website. As an intern who is new to the world of nonprofits, I thought that our program, Get Connected: Nonprofit Speed Dating, was a novel idea that hadn’t been tried before. Well, I was wrong!nonprofit board

The Board Match event held annually since 2005 in the San Francisco Bay Area has had remarkable success. According to the article, the most recent Board Match event attracted 150 nonprofit organizations and 1,000 potential board members. What a success!

“Speed dating events like Board Match can help self-perpetuating boards meet and recruit candidates they would never otherwise have considered. Self-perpetuating boards, unlike an elected or appointed board, also have the opportunity to recruit for specific skill sets. At the Board Match event, nonprofits could use the opportunity to advertise for and recruit board members with specific knowledge, such as legal, financial, or technical expertise.” –Jennifer Jones

Are you a potential board member who would like to bring something new to an area nonprofit board? Or are you a current board member seeking potential candidates with fresh, innovative ideas? Check out the Get Connected: Nonprofit Speed Dating information here. Help us attain the success of Board Match, and help your board expand to new heights.

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