What Do You Know About IT?

If you wonder about the key components of a secure office network and aren’t sure about the differences between a Firewall, Web Filter and Antivirus then view the PowerPoint presentation created by our guest speaker, Tom Heil. Heil presented at the first 23@4 program of 2014 where he explained why not knowing the difference may be a dangerous thing.

heil img
click here for presentation

Tom also discussed how some nonprofits are using ‘the cloud’ to reduce their hardware expenses and explained the pros & cons of ‘on site’ servers vs. virtual servers; who supports them and why. Then he shared industry trends that might make sense for non-profits to consider.

Does this sound like you or others in your nonprofit?
Trent:“Oh, I know all about IT” Sara: “I’m pretty savvy about IT”
Hmmm? Maybe they don’t know as much about IT as they think they do. Then take a look at the presentation which gives insight into the world of IT for nonprofits.

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