Newest Nonprofit PSA Created by Access Fort Wayne

Have you been watching all of the nonprofit Public Service Announcement videos produced by Access Fort Wayne (AFW)?

Check out the newest – a short video about Chief Richardville House:

Ready to make your own nonprofit work the star of the show? Create your own PSA for free.

The Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center has teamed up with Access Fort Wayne to help Northeast Indiana nonprofits create short, quality videos that you can share online, embed in electronic newsletters, and more.

Follow these links to learn more.

  • How to make a PSA – notes on the process.
  • Our sample PSA scriptThanks to Megan Hubartt for writing and editing!
  • Watch local nonprofit PSAs – including other videos, not created this project, shared to inspire your creativity. 
  • Review these posts on effective nonprofit video storytelling (I) and resources for doing that (II)

Once you’ve read through the PSA notes, the sample script and viewed the videos AFW has made, contact us with any questions or to get started: 260-421-1238 |

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