Winning Nonprofit Video

Why is it that we’re moved by some nonprofit videos and not so much by others?

We ask ourselves this here at the Center as we continue to partner with Access Fort Wayne to offer you – local nonprofits – the chance to make free PSA’s about your work.

Today I was pleased and quite moved to see someone else take a shot at understanding this question. We’ve seen some great Nonprofit Storytelling Resources in the past, but today’s post on the Getting Attention blog moved me for simple reasons.

Check out the videos here (from Children’s Mentoring Connection in Findlay, Ohio) and consider how the stories about these four – two grownup and two young – folks who share time together in simple ways impact you.

Dennis & Anthony

She’s Actually My Present

What do you think? No, actually, what do you feel when you see these? Would an agency snapshot with statistics and logos do the same thing? How could it?

There is a sweetness, a kind honesty in these short, clean, and somehow utterly revealing videos that cuts through any data or infographic I can imagine. We see nothing particularly flashy here. The video work is good, certainly, and the editing has shown an attention to detail that suggests a certain knowledge:

It’s our shared humanity that compels us to act for the other – that lets us see how mentorship has connects these people to each other.

Is data important to donors? Perhaps it has it’s place, but does it trump the power of the story of the individuals who participate in our programs with success?

Not so, says, Guest blogger, Julie Brown, Program Director at the Findlay-Hancock County Community Foundation in the post, “Successful Nonprofit Storytelling – Stay Humble:”

“Nonprofit directors—if you want to use a video to gain more funds or volunteers for the people you serve; let the story of one person inspire us to help you fulfill your mission.  Just get out of the way and stay humble!”

I hope you click through to the blog post to see the data on growth in giving and volunteering that led Julie to make this conclusion about successful nonprofit videos.

As you consider how you will tell your agency story in 2014, how will you get out the way and let the individuals you serve give voice to their joy?

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