The Chief Development Officer: Beyond Fundraising by Ronald J. Schiller

In his newly published book on the subject, Ronald J. Schiller offers career advice from his 25 years of experience in development and nonprofit leadership – and also from interviews with 69 other nonprofit leaders.

Perhaps you remember hearing of Schiller as part of a “video sting” in 2011 while working as the chief development officer at the NPR Foundation. He talks about this experience – and how his reputation among colleagues supported him through it in an article “High Expectations Cause Many Top Fundraisers to Be Fired, Book Says”:

“I made headlines for a day, but thanks to the breadth and depth of my network and an outpouring of affirmation, I remained confident as the truth slowly emerged, buried as it was in the fine print.” – Schiller as quoted in The Chronicle of Philanthropy 11/12/13

The article details the expectations placed on fundraisers and provides some background on high turnover in the position of “Major Gift Officer,” the reason that Schiller wrote the book. The Chronicle of Philanthropy is made available for you to read in the Center.

Schiller’s book includes the following chapter titles, based on his thoughts on the skills or roles a Chief Development officer needs to develop:

Relationship Builder in Chief
Shaper of Culture
Strategist and Planner
Trusted Advisor on Board Matters
Thought Partner
Flag Bearer
Visionary and Confident Sight Raiser
Talent Magnet
Mentor to Future CDOs

Schiller includes a variety of appendices with the book, such as, “Hiring Guide for Organizations,” making the book of interest not only to prospects and professionals in development, but also to those called upon to make the selection.

Click on the image of the book above to go to the ACPL catalog and place a hold on the book.

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