Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2014

Lucy Bernholz in partnership with The Foundation Center and the European Foundation Centre recently released predictions for philanthropy in 2014.

Download the report PDF here: Philanthropy and the Social Economy: Blueprint 2014

The table of contents includes:
  • Expanding Horizons
    The social economy is one way of thinking about all of the tools we use to apply our private resources for public good. This frame was first introduced in Blueprint 2012 and was explored in greater depth last year, and has focused on the American context. This year, Lucy examines the social economy of Europe to better define this lens and expand understanding.
  • Insight: Big Shifts that Matter
    Building from a basic understanding of the social economy, the big shift that matters going forward is positioning that world of enterprises and revenue in a digital frame. This section examines digital civil society through discussions of associations and privacy, ownership and governance, and data as a starting resource. It also makes the case for why this frame matters.
  • Buzzword Watch
    Some of the year’s most-talked-about ideas and buzzwords that may catch your ear in the year ahead.
  • Foresight: Predictions for 2014
    A round-up of predictions about policy, infrastructure, technology-enabled civic engagement, crowdfunding scandal, personal privacy, and e-filing with the IRS.
  • 2014 Wildcards
    “Predictable unpredictables” including the nonprofit takeover of city functions, benefit corporations, the European Foundation form, and natural disasters.
  • Hindsight: Previous Forecasts
    Lucy’s scorecard for her 2013 predictions: 7 right, 3 wrong, 1 with no data, and 1 that was both right and wrong.
  • Glimpses of the Future 
    Lucy shares thoughts on how civic tech could impact communities and what ethics of data we need to be thinking about.

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