From the Intern: Investment

HarpI’ve probably harped on this in some form or other for the last few months, but seeing as this is my final post, why break stride now?

As the intern of a nonprofit, I have been invested in, and there’s an act of faith in that.  An act of faith in investment.

Whether it is the stock market, a Star Wars action figure collection, or people being invested in, the investor seems to believe there will be a return made on that ritual of planting.  This idea, of investment as an act of belief, a leap into the unknown because one has, dare I say, hope, and the fact that so many individuals, organizations, and nonprofits in our community are actively engaged in that leap is, to me, an encouraging thought.

So, as an intern, an investee, who has been encouraged, equipped, and enlightened about his own possibilities by a few people who have taken the care to make an investment, as a believer in charitable nonprofits who are in the business of interpersonal and community-wide investment, let me say, a difference is being made.  I am sure of it.

No one really knows the timeline for when the fruit from those investments will come to maturity, and sometimes the fruit will be surprising in its form, but keep up the good work, for, according to Newton, for every action there is a reaction.  I’ve seen it first-hand.  It’s not just faith and not just farming, it’s physics.

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