Smart Stewardship with Peter Brinckerhoff


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Here are links to our catalog for Peter’s latest book, Smart Stewardship for Nonprofits and two books he highly recommended:

Click the covers to go to the ACPL catalog to place a hold. Many thanks to the Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne for their donation of fifteen copies of Peter’s Smart Stewardship books through the Barbara Burt Leadership Development Fund.

A few one liners from Peter’s presentation include:

  • Audience breakout question: What can you do over the next year to help your organization over the next ten years?
  • “People come for the job (or volunteer opportunity,  or board service, etc.) and stay for the mission. Give them more mission.”
  • Strategic planning value is in the process. It’s about “going through it together to figure it out.”
  • Today, storytelling is the number one skill set needed by nonprofit employees.
  • Values start inside an organization and find their way out.
  • 60% of board members in the US are over the age of 65
  • Cash = Oxygen
  • *Update* Check out these Peter Brickerhoff Lecture Notes from Grant Daily, a participant representing YLNI and Ronald McDonald House, which include one of Peter’s charts on Strategy.
  • And – Peter highly recommended that you all see Dan Palotta’s TED Talk – which we happened to post the day before

What was your favorite takeaway?

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