Above Board: Millennials and Nonprofit Boards

Where you’ll find bits & pieces of information about, and for nonprofit boards

“As a young professional, I’ll admit that “Join a Nonprofit Board of Directors” was never on my list of career goals. Likewise, “Recruit a Board Member Just Out of College” isn’t high on the strategic plan of most nonprofits. But now, I’m a 29-year old with 6 years of board experience across as many different organizations.  […] And I’ve realized how valuable board service can be for a Millennial, and how valuable Millennials can be to nonprofit boards.”

From Millennials and Nonprofit Boards: 10 Tips for Finding Each Other by Kyle Gracey

YLNI_GOB-8The PCNRC and YLNI are just completing their second year of the Get on Board project, with funding support from the Foellinger Foundation. The intent of this project is to engage young generations in serving community nonprofits, through volunteerism and board stewardship.
Save the Date for the next Board Bootcamp: October 18th from 9-1.
Nearly 70 individuals have participated in Board Boot Camp and over roughly 80 nonprofits have met with many of those Boot Camp graduates and others at Get Connected events already. The program has been very successful and will continue for another two years, starting in October and all of this makes the following LinkedIN blog by Kyle Gracey very timely.
“For Millennials, a generation that already shows a strong interest in volunteering and public service, board work can be a great way to give back to your community or country, will give you direct experience in financial and personnel management and organizational strategy, and can expose you to senior contacts at a variety of other companies and organizations, since your fellow board members will likely be much further in their careers than you.
For boards, we Millennials are tech-savvy, extremely passionate, as a generation, about issues nonprofits work on, and part of the very group who will be the next nonprofit leaders and recipients of nonprofit services”.

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