JobDoozy Employment Site

Fifth Freedom has recently launched JobDoozy. The Fifth Freedom Network is a grassroots, cross-disability, consumer organization dedicated to removing the physical and social barriers that often hold people with disabilities hostage to poverty, isolation and underachievement.

JobDoozy is an employment website for people with disabilities featuring job listings from companies actively recruiting a diverse workforce in Indiana and for telecommuting jobs nationwide.

Why use JobDoozy?

  • is an affordable site to place your job posting that will reach qualified individuals looking for work throughout Indiana.
  • Each posting will be distributed through Indiana’s largest disability information network, reaching more than 17,000 people and organizations throughout the state.
  • JobDoozy can help employers document any good faith efforts to interview and hire PWDs. This is especially important for federal contractors, who are required to have people with disabilities (PWDs) comprise 7% of their staff.
  • JobDoozy can help explain programs and tax credits that encourage the recruitment and hiring of PWDs. On average, disability accommodations can be made for under $500!
  • All proceeds from JobDoozy support nonprofit services for PWDs.  JobDoozy is a program of Fifth Freedom, a 501(c)3 that helps PWDs organize and work together to solve their common problems. More at

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