Special Foundation Center Program: Understanding Collaborations on July 19th


Join us July 19th as David Holmes, Regional Training Coordinator, Foundation Center, Cleveland, presents:

Understanding Collaborations
July 19th | 10:30-2:00
Main Library | Meeting Room A

Register here to attend

Strategic collaborations, joint programming, and mergers are becoming more and more important to the nonprofit sector everyday and understanding your options for working collaboratively to achieve mission-critical impact is a must for today’s nonprofit leaders.

This free class, developed in partnership with La Piana Consulting, will walk you through the basics of collaboration and provide you with:

  • an understanding of why nonprofits are choosing collaboration
  • knowledge on the range of collaboration options available
  • a framework for the basic process steps in forging successful collaborative relationships
  • action steps for further exploration
  • access to model collaborations

Including an introduction to the Nonprofit Collaboration Database, this presentation of Understanding Collaboration will feature tools that can put your organization on the path to successful collaborative partnerships.

This class will also include some activities to help you grow your organization’s reach, as well as a discussion group.

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