Giving USA 2013 Highlights

The 2013 Giving USA report report was released earlier this week. Here are a number of resources with summaries on the report’s findings.

  • Go to Giving USA’s store to register and download a free copy of the 2013 report highlights, or to purchase a full copy.
    • From AFPNet, the Association of Fundraising Professionals website:

Nikki’s NotesGiving USA’s Vice Chair of the Foundation, Keith Curtis, provides an in depth look at the findings from the 2013 Giving USA Report, and talks about how it affects YOU!

“Topline Considerations from Giving USA 2013 about Donors:

• 2012 saw marked year-over-year growth in corporate giving, which is strongly linked to companies’ profits. For 2012, corporate pre-tax profits surged upward 16.6 percent, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

“Corporations represent a vital portion of our country’s total charitable giving,” [Gregg ] Carlson [chair of the Giving USA Foundation] said.  “And while their donations increased last year, corporate philanthropy represents only 6 percent of total giving.”

“Nonprofits should remember that in most cases, their mission must align with the company’s strategic priorities,” continued Carlson.  “For example, you might see a grocery-store chain partnering with food pantries vs. other types of nonprofits, or a financial services corporation supporting math education.”

• Uncertainty fueled by mixed economic indicators may have moderated giving by individuals, who historically account for the largest percentage of total giving. Positive trends, such as the 13.4 percent increase in the Standard and Poor’s 500 Index between 2011 and 2012, the slight rise in home values, and overall lower unemployment rates and fuel costs, were combined with budget concerns and tax reform discussions. In addition, personal disposable income rose 3.3 percent and personal consumption expenditures rose 3.6 percent last year, virtually mirroring the growth in individual giving.

– See more at:”


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