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IMG_1145[1]I, Craig the Intern, have had an interesting/exhilarating week.  I spent the first workday learning what so many of you have learned through the Paul Clarke NRC’s Grant Basics classes.

Tuesday I gardened.

Wednesday I learned about Logic Models with Mike Stone and Dawn Martz.

Thursday it came home to me once again that the people who enter information on websites sometimes get it wrong.

Well, or less than right.

See, this is how it went down.

Monday I was researching a grant in preparation for making the information available to our subscribers to the PCNRC Grant Alerts.  I kept noting red flags about the geographic appropriateness of the grant, but nothing solidly denying Allen County residents eligibility.  Until, of course, I had almost completely composed my email.  Never underestimate the value of a posted FAQ.  You live and learn, I guess, though I wish the organization had found a way to be more clear.

Then, on Thursday, again right at the end of an email, I discovered that the due date for a grant application I had been noting down for our subscribers was already a year gone.  I didn’t panic.  I thought that surely someone had made a mistake, fingers crossed, and found a number to call and downloaded the PDF of the application.  Good news, I got to hang up before I got an answer.  The PDF said in very large type, “Grant Application for 2013.”

Glad I stayed calm and didn’t immediately delete that text block in my email . . .

So, three things.

When grant seeking:

Stay calm

Stay patient

If you see a red flag, start digging.  Where there’s smoke there’s fire.

Anyway, going over this, I feel encouraged in general.  Sure, we all make mistakes, even the wizards of web design, but we can always learn something and it often makes a good story . . . okay, a fair to middling story.

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