Your PCNRC Staff, Caught! Caught reading, that is.

May is Get Caught Reading month, a nationwide campaign to remind people of all ages just how much fun taking a break with a good book is.  Sure, we all have To Do lists that seem never-ending and sometimes it’s hard to set aside some me-time but isn’t it wonderful when we do?

Several famous people have been caught reading recently — click here for their pics! — and the PCNRC wasn’t about to be left out.  Sometimes to catch others reading one has to be stealthy and operate with the utmost patience, but we’ve done all the work for you this time around.  (See below)

Also, for more pictures of ACPL staff CAUGHT, click here to visit ACPL’s As You Like It blog and look for this month’s Sunday Smiles pieces.  You’re sure to see some faces you know, partially, though gleefully, obscured behind the wonders of the printed page.

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Here we have Lettie Haver double-checking a verbatim quote from her favorite book (Nonprofit Sustainability by Jeanne Bell with co-writers Jan Masaoka and Steve Zimmerman, who, by the way, will be visiting Fort Wayne in June) in order to triumph over an unheeding opponent in his ill-advised bet.  Remember, Lettie and Marilynn Fauth know their stuff when it comes to nonprofits.  Look for answers to your questions from them and their resources at the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center.  Beware engaging them in good-spirited head-to-head competition.

Oh, we seem to have startled Craig Bailey as he was taking a moment to delve into that Roberto Bolano book he’s been wanting to get to since Valentine’s Day.  2666 will just have to wait a few more weeks we suppose, Craig.

We’ve concluded that Marilynn Fauth uses her lunch breaks solely for outdoor walks in the summery weather we’re having, leaving her reading for the privacy of her home, because after days of creeping around the department we were unable to capture a single candid photo of Marilynn with a leisure book in her hand.  She did tell us though that she’s been rather enjoying The Romanov Prophecy by Steve Berry.  We wonder if she also enjoys the vocal stylings of a certain Steve Perry.

We here at the PCNRC would like to wish everyone a great Memorial Day weekend and encourage everyone to make the most of their time off; to not be too cautious, take some time, crack a book, and Get Caught!

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