Marketing Minute: Strategies

amber recker 3-12

a post series by guest blogger, Amber Recker

You’ve crafted your marketing plan and outlined your marketing objectives. Now what? Now you have to strategize. You have to answer the how. How will you increase awareness, participation, advocacy and funding?

The first step toward creating your marketing strategies is understanding each target market you want to reach. In my second Marketing Minute: Laying the Groundwork for your Marketing Plan, I asked you to define your target audience. During that process, you should have asked “how are we reaching them now?” and “how else can we reach them?” Your answers to these questions come into play now.

Here’s what I mean.

Marketing Objective: Recruit 100 more volunteers within the next 12 months

Strategy 1: Develop a public awareness campaign around your services and the need for additional volunteers. This will include specific messaging that can be used on various channels and the creation of some graphic materials like fliers and postcards.

Strategy 2: Create a library of volunteer stories, testimonials, and photos that you may use on an ongoing basis.

Strategy 3: Create a media advisory informing them about the campaign, send monthly press releases related to the campaign, and pitch to individual reporters.

Strategy 4: Provide comprehensive information on your website, social media channels, and blog that will make it easy for the media to write a story and volunteers to find the necessary information.

Strategy 5: Send an e-newsletter update or postcard mailer to your current donors.

For the example above, I reviewed the intended audience—those within the general public who have a heart for my organization’s mission—and determined the various ways I could not only reach them, but also give them enough information to take action, whether for the media to write a story or a volunteer to make the commitment. You should be able to identify multiple strategies for each of the marketing objectives you’ve outlined, especially if you’ve taken the time to identify your target market for each objective.

Remember, be patient. Be deliberate. Refer back to your marketing plan and objectives if you are getting off track. It will be your compass and your map throughout the process.

As always, if you have questions or ideas for this blog, please email me at I’d love to connect with you on social media too.

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