Make a Public Service Announcement to Help Meet Fundraising Goals

We’ve partnered with Access Fort Wayne to create a simple, free process for your organization to make a PSA.

Watch this PSA created by The Center for Nonviolence and produced by Access Fort Wayne to see an example of the work:

Access Fort Wayne (AFW), a department of the Allen County Public Library, operates a  full production facility with two television studios and editing facilities. AFW originates three cable access television channels (two public channels and one government channel) from the first floor of the Main Library on both Frontier and Comcast cable.

Last week, AFW’s Bob Ihrie and I spoke with dozens of development professionals about the possible uses of PSA’s to meet fundraising goals.

Consider how a PSA could help your organization:

  • launch a planned giving initiative with testimonials;
  • improve your annual giving campaign’s success;
  • begin to lay out your case statement for a capital campaign;
  • entice viewers back to your website to sign up for a newsletter with games, trivia, or playful invitations to join you in meeting your mission

Then consider where you would place your PSA to get the specific result you need:

  • On your website
  • On a special event Facebook page or your organization’s page
  • Shared on Facebook by your volunteers with influence
  • Embedded in a targeted email or your general newsletter
  • On broadcast network channels
  • On “community screens” – a TinCaps game or at Cinema Center
  • Share to local blogs or online media outlets. Consider blog purpose and audience.

Don’t forget to plan out:

1) How will you measure success with your PSA?

YouTube hits alone won’t tell you if you’ve moved the dial on a specific goal. Increased general awareness may feel overall useful, but with a specific goal in mind, you’ll know your fundraising time and energy were well invested.

2) What choices will you make to tell your story with PSA?

Will you prefer the controlled quality of using still images, or does live footage better suit your message? What words will you want on screen? What colors make sense? What brand message do you wish to reinforce in your PSA?

3) What questions do you have about the process?

Check out:

  • How to make a PSA outlines the process and your choices.
  • Our sample PSA script gives you an example to follow.
  • View local nonprofit PSAs – including other videos, not created by this project, to see the range of messages and delivery (dramatic, in-studio, on-site, with and without persons-served) to jump-start your own creative process.

Learn more about nonprofit storytelling resources in our post:  Happily Ever After – Nonprofit Storytelling Resources.

Ready to learn more about creating a PSA at the library?

Once you’ve read through the PSA notes, the sample script and viewed the videos Access has made, contact the PCNRC  to get started, or with additional questions.

Let us know how we can help!


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