Volunteer Engagement

Many thanks to our guests and guests presenters for yesterday’s Volunteer Engagement program!

If you were not able to attend, please contact the Center or our presenters, Jean Joley of Volunteer Center or Sandy Screeton of the Allen County Public Library for more information.


Building a Winning Volunteer Program

In addition to discussing the services of the Volunteer Center, our speaker’s highlight our regional professional association for volunteer managers, NIAVA – Northeast Indiana Association of Volunteer Administrators.

The NIAVA Mission:

NIAVA seeks to promote professionalism in the field of volunteer administration and to provide those who manage volunteers with a forum for the exchange of ideas, the tools with which to upgrade skills, and a framework for developing and maintaining high standards of professional competency.

Why join NIAVA?

  • Membership fee is only $30 per year and brings you the following benefits:
  • Bi-monthly meetings featuring informative and highly qualified speakers
  • Annual Full Day Professional Development Seminar/Retreat
  • The opportunity to promote agency events the NIAVA Newsletter
  • The opportunity to be mentor by an experienced volunteer manager
  • Networking and sharing problems and solutions with others who work in the
  • challenging field of volunteers.

NIAVA resources



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