2012 Northeast Indiana Nonprofit Salary Survey

2012 salary survey

2012 Northeast Indiana Nonprofit Salary Report – FINAL


  • Applying this Report to Your Organization
  • Section 2: Participating Organizations
  • Section 3: Overview of Participating Organizations
  • Section 4: Methodology and Report Design
  • Section 5: State of the Sector
  • Section 6: Salary Overview and Detail for All Positions
    • Salary Overview of All Positions
    • Executive Director/President/Chief Executive Officer
    • Chief Operating Officer or Deputy Director
    • VP/Director of Programs
    • CFO/Controller
    • VP/Director of Development
    • VP/Director of Marketing/PR
    • VP/Director of Human Resources
  • Section 7: Benefits Offered
  • Appendix: How Much to Pay the Executive Director

From the introduction:

“On behalf of the community foundations, United Ways and United Funds of northeast Indiana, we are pleased to provide you with this Northeast Indiana Nonprofit Salary Report.

Prior to this report, a comprehensive summary of nonprofit salaries and benefits did not exist, so we were
very excited to begin a tradition that we feel is very important to the current and future vitality of the northeast
Indiana nonprofit sector.

This report was prepared by Bryan Orander of Charitable Advisors, a consulting practice which focuses on
nonprofit organizations. It was funded by the United Way of Allen County and the Community Foundation
of Greater Fort Wayne.

Northeast Indiana is blessed with a wide variety of excellent nonprofit organizations serving in many charitable
areas. We hope that board members of those organizations find this information helpful in developing
a fair and competitive system of compensation and benefits.”

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