Share Your Volunteers’ Stories with a PSA

Celebrate National Volunteer Week, April 21-27, with PSA’s telling the stories of your organization’s volunteers.

Your volunteer stories get to the heart of why your organization matters – and how it feels to personally connect, be involved and get behind the work.

Have you considered telling their stories as a way to recognize their contributions? Why not through PSA?

To celebrate your volunteers this year, invite them to start a PSA project through our collaboration with Access Fort Wayne.

Before stepping into our studios, or inviting us to film on location, consider the following successful storytelling elements shared in Happily Ever After – Nonprofit Storytelling Resources, a past 23@4 program:

FromNicolas Kristof’s Advice for Saving the Worldand interview with Outside Magazine:

  • “[People] intervene not because of stories of desperate circumstances but when we can be cheered up with positive stories of success and transformation.”
  • “Storytelling needs to focus on an individual, not a group.”

Curious about how to collect your volunteer stories? Consider how your organization can create a story bank.

How to collect your volunteers’ stories with story banking resources (PDFs) from

Learn more about nonprofit storytelling resources in our post:  Happily Ever After – Nonprofit Storytelling Resources.

Ready to learn more about creating a PSA at the library?

Check out:

  • How to make a PSA outlines the process and your choices.
  • Our sample PSA script gives you an example to follow.
  • View local nonprofit PSAs – including other videos, not created by this project, to see the range of messages and delivery (dramatic, in-studio, on-site, with and without persons-served) to jump-start your own creative process.

See Saint Vincent DePaul Fort Wayne – produced and edited by Access Fort Wayne – and created by volunteer, Darrel Dodane.

Once you’ve read through the PSA notes, the sample script and viewed the videos Access has made, contact the PCNRC  to get started, or with additional questions.

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