Network for Good Digital Giving Index

Are you familiar with Network for Good’s Online Giving Study? or the Digital Giving Index updated quarterly?

The Index reports on trends and insights from donations through Network for Good’s own giving platform. The Online Giving Study

Consider how this information compares with your digital giving environment.

Highlights of the Q3 2012 Giving Index:

  • Overall giving increased for Q3 2012 versus the same period in 2011, with the exception of portals.
  • Average gifts on branded donation pages tend to be about 20% to 30% larger than on generic donation pages. When a charity has created a donation experience that reinforces its brand and connection to its supporters, the results speak for themselves: higher average gifts that grow over time.

More about the Online Giving Study and the Digital Giving Index:

To complement the findings of The Online Giving Study, Network for Good has created the Digital Giving Index with insights and trends to inform charitable engagement.   This Index builds on data and observations from The Online Giving Study and is updated quarterly to provide timely and relevant snapshots of the state of online charitable giving.

The Online Giving Study covers:

  • $381 million in online giving
  • 3.6 million gifts
  • 1.879 million unique donors
  • 66,470 different nonprofits
  • Seven-year time span (2003-2009)
  • Donations to a wide range of nonprofit sizes and types

– from the Online Giving Study’s home page

Read more about the Scope and Limitations of the study at the Online Giving Study About page.

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