Check out Your New Kits!

New Kits for Asking for Contributions, New Board Members, Proposal Writing, and Board Governance

Looking to learn more about being a new board member? Want to share resources with your new board members?

Our former intern, Katie, and our Board Kits

Maybe you’re  curious about how to ask for contributions – or how others do that?

Find ways to improve your proposal writing skills and all of the above in the newly available kits from the PCNRC. 

2 New Board Member Kits

2 Updated Proposal Writing Kits

1 New About the Ask Kit

1 New Board Governance Series Kit

To see each kit’s contents, or to place a hold, click through to the ACPL Catalog.

Not seeing the kit you need? We have more!

More about the kits and details on borrowing:

Each kit contains a selection of books, and sometimes CD-roms or DVD’s.

You may check out kits for 21 days – and they may be renewed up to five times if they aren’t on hold. You may place kits on hold and have them sent to your favorite ACPL location for check out. Kits may be returned at any of our locations, as well.

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