Exciting News from the BoardSource Conference

Normally PCNRC posts aren’t personal, but last week while I was at the BoardSource Leadership Forum in Chicago, I was privileged to hear Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn’s founder, speak.

During a plenary session, on Saturday, Mr. Hoffman announced  Board Connect. A new platform to help nonprofit leaders easily identify connections to potential board members. We encourage you to take a look at how you might utilize this service which is currently in limited release:

  • Free access to a Talent Finder account ($1000 value)

    Amplify your ability to search and to reach out to your boards extended network.

  • Exclusive LinkedIn educational webcasts

    Let LinkedIn experts guide you through an interactive product tutorial

  • Membership to the Board Connect group

    Get access to exclusive content and a powerfully connected nonprofit peer network.

With the PCNRC Get on Board project in its’ second year we see Board Connect as great way to strengthen the community’s nonprofits. We’ll be watching how it unfolds over the next several months!

Read today’s Forbes posted interview with Head of Social Impact at LinkedIn, Meg Garlinghouse here.


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