The Nonprofit Business Plan

The Leader’s Guide to Creating a Successful Business Model
David La Piana, Heather Gowdy, Lester Olmstead-Rose, Brent Copen

“The Nonprofit Business Plan is aimed at nonprofit leaders who want a deeper understanding of the choices, and consequences, they face in either continuing to pursue their current business model or changing it.”  – taken from introduction

Target audience includes:

  • Nonprofit CEOs and other senior staff
  • staff members who aspire to future leadership roles
  • board members wanting a deeper understanding of their organization’s business model
  • board members from the corporate sector who have been told, “the nonprofit sector is different”

Written to connect, “mission to strategy to execution in a sustainable way, “The Nonprofit Business Plan” introduces the author/consultants’ DARE2 Succeed model:

  • Design and launch process
  • Assess current business model
  • Research and review market factors
  • Evaluate options and assumptions
  • Elaborate on chosen model
  • Includes appendices with a sample business plan

Click the cover to go to the ACPL catalog to place a hold.

Resources on the La Piana consulting blog:

  • Download worksheets and discussion guides
    • Evaluating the Need for a Business Plan
    • Forming Your Planning Team
    • Six Basic Business Planning Questions
    • Assessing Financial Risk
  • Listen to podcasts on
    • The Importance of Testing Assumptions
    • Assessing the Need for a Business Plan

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