Above Board – The Board’s Role in Fundraising

“Fundraising” – a word that puts fear into the hearts of men and women!

Like it or not, if you serve on a nonprofit board, at some point in the future you will most likely be asked to help with fundraising. There are a couple of questions that should be addressed before any fund raising begins:

  1. Does the board have a Case Statement?
  2. What is board policy on board member participation in fundraising?

Having both of these in place will aid the organization’s board in ensuring adequate resources. A board member’s role includes participating in the cultivation of interest in the organization from potential donors, soliciting gifts and maintaining relationships with them. These are tasks which will pay off richly in the future.

So, embrace the role and face it as a unique challenge in your life.Here’s an excerpt from an article written by Ellen Bristol of Bristol Strategy Group:
” When it comes to the board’s role in fundraising there is no single answer – and no easy answer either. It behooves every nonprofit board to collaborate on defining that role, upholding their mutual decision and commitment, and staying focused on the desired results.”

Full Article

– reposted from our monthly newsletter column on board governance  by Marilynn

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