Recruiting & Orienting Board Members

Click on the image to download the PowerPoint show.

And check out these sources:

Best of Board Café: Jan Masaoka

Recruiting a Stronger Board downloadable PDF from BoardSource
Table of Contents
Purchase information
-Go to the ACPL catalog record to place a hold

The Board Building Cycle: BoardSource

Five Good Ideas: Practical Strategies for Non-profit Success edited by Alan Broadbent and Ratna Omidvar

Step by Step Board Recruitment Kit

Online Sources and Handouts

Perspectives on Nonprofit Diversity – a free BoardSource PDF

Role of the Governance Committee from BoardSource

Gail Perry’s How to Enlist Your Dream Team Board – a free downloadable workbook

Eleven Cool Ideas for Finding Hot New Board Members from Jan Masaoka’s Best of Board Cafe, shared by Fieldstone Alliance,

Also Jan Masaoka on Blue Avocado, Blue Ribbon Nominating Committee for Your Board

From BridgeStar’s Library: BoardSource’s Board Orientation

Carol Weisman’s Exit Interview for Board Members and Avoiding the Pitfalls [in Recruiting Board Members]

10 Stop Signs on the Road to Board Recruitment by Hildy Gottlieb

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