Will Your Organization Stand Against Racism?

The following letter is from Deborah Beckman, president/CEO of YWCA Northeast Indiana. The YW is calling organizations to Stand Against Racism on April 27.

We’re sharing the invitation because racism plays out in so many ways in the work you and nonprofits do. The YW’s call to action gives you a (free) chance to make clear your organization will neither ignore or accept racism – and you may choose how you deliver the message. Read further for more information and ideas. – Lettie

YWCA Northeast Indiana cordially invites your organization to join with us to take a Stand Against Racism in our community.

We are calling on organizations, corporations, schools, hospitals, houses of worship, and government agencies in northeast Indiana to become a “Participating Site” of the National YWCA Stand Against Racism event. By becoming a Participating Site, you would be joining your voices to ours in our ongoing plight to Stand Against Racism and to stand for the dignity and respect of all people.

The goal of the event is simple: we want to raise awareness that racism still exists in our community and that it can no longer be ignored or tolerated. Our strength is in numbers!

On Friday, April 27, 2012, YWCA Northeast Indiana along with YWCAs in 39 states throughout the country will be working closely with approximately 2,500 organizations that will cumulatively attract about 300,000 individuals. We hope you will be one of them!

What is a Participating Site?

As a Participating Site of the YWCA’s Stand Against Racism, we ask that you host a “Stand” or event. Your “Stand” can either be open to the public or just for your group. Your “Stand” or your event can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as you would like. We will provide you with all the materials you will need (including a How to Run the Event Template that can be customized for your group). There is no cost whatsoever to participate.

During your “Stand”, your participants will take a pledge that they will continually take a Stand Against Racism in their lives. There are many other activities that you could include during your “Stand” such as group discussions, speakers, music, poetry, inspirational readings, rallies, demonstrations, etc.

Please visit www.StandAgainstRacism.org/2011 to see a list of some of the Stands that took place in 2011. This page will give you a clearer picture of what a Participating Site does. We have also included a document entitled “About the Event” with some additional information.

We hope we can count on your support as this movement is far too important.

You can sign up online on our Web site: www.StandAgainstRacism.org. The deadline to sign up is April 20, 2012.

For questions about the YWCA’s Stand Against Racism event, please contact Mary Jo Hardiman at 424-4908 ext. 260, or email: info[at]standagainstracism.org.

We seek to bring people together for one common goal – the elimination of racism. Please join us.


Deborah Beckman


YWCA Northeast Indiana

1610 Spy Run Avenue
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
Phone: (260) 424-4908

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