Tell TechSoup About Your Technology


TechSoup wants to learn more about how your organization uses traditional and cloud-based technology, and about your plans for the future.

Be heard! This is your chance to tell TechSoup what you need. Take the survey — it’s short, only 15 minutes. It is intended for anyone who has responsibility for recommending, purchasing or managing IT products or services at an NGO (including nonprofits, charities, libraries, foundations or similar organizations). All ranges of IT influencers are invited — from accidental techies to IT directors.

The survey closes March 23, 2012, so please don’t miss out on your chance to tell TechSoup about your IT needs.

What Is TechSoup Doing with the Results?
By better understanding the tools you currently use and your future plans, TechSoup can work with their corporate donor partners and partner organizations around the world to provide nonprofits like yours the technology resources you need to operate at your full potential.

In late spring, TechSoup will publish a white paper with the survey results, detailing the responses of nonprofits based in the United States, and in 37 other countries around the world. The results will support organizations like yours in making informed IT decisions. They will provide insights into how your peers are using technology, and into the currents needs and issues around adopting cloud technologies.

If you’re interested in receiving a report on the survey findings, be sure to provide your email address at the end of the survey. TechSoup will send you the white paper in late spring. It’ll also be available for free on their site.

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