Do Your Volunteers Know Their Mileage is Deductible?

This end of the year/before tax season information came across my desk this week and I thought it would be something you might like to share with your volunteers! ~Donna

If your volunteers use their car in the course of doing volunteer work for your organization, they can take a deduction of 14 cents per mile driven while performing service.  This rate holds for 2011 and 2012.  

This deduction will only apply to those volunteers who itemize their tax deductions (advise them to check with their tax preparer), and it is classified as a charitable donation – “use of a vehicle while rendering service”.

Some ways that volunteers incur miles while serving your organization:
* Taking animals to adoption events or the veterinarian
* Driving your clients to doctor appointments
* Delivering food baskets to your clients
* Picking up supplies and/or equipment for your organization

So remind your volunteers to keep track of their mileage in a written log because those miles can add up fast!  

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