Workshop for Congregations Looks at Neighborhood Assets

The Center for Congregations presents,

Congregations and Culture

This workshop helps people of faith think about their cultural vocations and discern what it means to carry their religious identity with them Monday through Saturday in the midst of a changing culture. Participants will look at cultivating what is already good and creating ways to add new ideas to encourage flourishing environments.

Workshop facilitator Andy Crouch talks about postures people of faith can adopt toward a culture of critics and consumers.  The workshop includes activities to develop an in-depth analysis of participants’ neighborhoods and local cultural settings – how they thrive and struggle, the strengths of local cultural institutions and artifacts, and what role the congregation can play in their flourishing.

Workshop participants will:

  • Map the significant cultural goods and institutions in their congregation’s immediate neighborhood.
  • Identify ways their congregations can make a difference in local culture.
  • Learn how to equip lay people for their calling Monday through Saturday—in ways that strengthen Sundays as well.
  • Develop strategies for encouraging ordinary people to rise above a consumer lifestyle and pursue creativity and leadership.
  • and more

The workshop is 9 a.m.-4 p.m. (Eastern time) Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at Brookville Road Community Church, 7480 W. US Highway 52 in New Palestine (Hancock County).

The cost is $30 a person or $25 a person for congregational teams of three or more when registered together. This includes lunch and a copy of Crouch’s book Culture Making. Events are limited to Indiana congregations.

Learn more about Andy Crouch and register to attend, here.

Why post Center for Congregations workshops? Our nonprofit work regularly intersects with congregational activities – and this workshop looks to be taking stock of neighborhood entities, including nonprofits. The target audience looks to be congregation leaders – and many of our nonprofit patrons are just that.

– Lettie

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