How to Use the New American Fact Finder

Join the Community Research Institute for a hands-on demonstration of the newAmerican FactFinder featuring data from Allen County.

If you use Census information, you need to know the new American Fact Finder-a self service tool available on the Census’s web site which provides quick access to data from the Decennial Census, American Community Surveys, Population Estimates Program and more.

Census data gives us critical information on the composition and characteristics of Allen County’s population and housing with variable such as race, age, educational attainment, and more. Your ability to understand which program to use and how to access data quickly will aid you as you prepare grants and understand your community’s needs.

This workshop is geared toward beginner data gatherers, Census novices, or those frustrated with the new American FactFinder.

This program is hands-on in the computer classroom, so seating is limited.

Reserve your seat today! Registration required to attend.

Wednesday, October 26,2011
3:30 PM – 4:30 Allen County Public Library
Main Library, Computer Classroom

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