Resource Review: LikeMinded

LikeMinded wants to know:

‘What issues are you facing in your community?’

6/5/13 Update: LikeMinded has been archived here – and requires newsletter subscription for updates available here.

Wondering how to get the work done to meet your mission? Looking for effective, innovative approaches?

We thought you might be inspired by LikeMinded, an online database featuring summaries of community projects and resources to implement them in your community.

The database features fourteen issue areas and can be searched by keyword. You can also register to post your community project.

LikeMinded is a project of Craigslist Foundation and is part of the Technology for Engagement Initiative of the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation.

LikeMinded screenshotFrom LikeMinded:

“Welcome to LikeMinded (beta)

Thanks for taking an early test drive of LikeMinded.

We should all live in great communities: strong, healthy, democratic, sustainable, collaborative places. We built LikeMinded to make that happen.

People are doing incredible things to strengthen their local communities. Too often, they don’t get credit for their amazing work. As importantly, people in other communities don’t learn from one another’s successes often enough.

LikeMinded wants to change that by helping community success stories travel better.

That’s where you come in! Know of great work being done in your community? Help the story be told by sharing an existing web link about it as a Resource, or document the story of a community project using our Project feature. And spread the word to your community rockstar friends so their work gets attention.

Most of all, thank you for caring about strengthening your community. We’re here to help.”



– Lettie

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