Resource Review: Digital Grant Guides from the Foundation Center

We’re curious. Has your organization used the Foundation Center’s Digital Grant guides? We’ve not bought them before (library-wide access is hefty), but at $39.95 each for agencies, we thought perhaps some of you have – and we’d like a review.

Let us know if you’ve found these guides useful in your grant seeking – and, as always, let us know if we can teach you more about finding grants using the Foundation Directory Online.

What are the digital grant guides?

The Foundation Center has expanded their popular series of Grant Guides to cover a wide range of grants awarded in 25 subject areas.

“Each Guide provides you with descriptions of hundreds—often thousands—of recent foundation grants of $10,000 or more, with convenient hyperlinks to essential funder information to help you identify prospects and get the grants you need. Along with detailed content, our new digital format offers eco-friendly convenience of on-screen viewing. Special features include: Fast-track menu to navigate grant listings and subject, geographic, and recipient indexes Keyword-search tool for quick retrieval of the facts you need Links to Foundation Finder, our free web resource for even more details on profiled funders.”

Titles include:

  • Grants for AIDS/HIV Research & Patient Care
  • Grants for Arts, Culture & The Humanities
  • Grants for Cancer Research & Patient Care
  • Grants for Capacity Building, Management & Technical Assistance
  • Grants for Children & Youth
  • Grants for Community & Economic Development
  • Grants for Disaster Relief & Recovery: U.S. & International
  • Grants for Elementary & Secondary Education
  • Grants for Employment
  • Grants for Environmental Protection & Animal Welfare
  • Grants for Foreign & International Programs
  • Grants for Higher Education –
  • Grants for Hospitals & Health Organizations
  • Grants for Housing
  • Grants for Information Technology
  • Grants for Libraries & Information Services
  • Grants for Medical Research
  • Grants for Mental Health, Addictions & Crisis Services
  • Grants for Minorities
  • Grants for People with Disabilities
  • Grants for Public Health
  • Grants for Religion, Religious Welfare & Religious Education
  • Grants for Services for the Homeless
  • Grants for the Aging
  • Grants for Women & Girls

Want to know more? Click through to the Foundation Center’s online store for more information on their Digital Grant Guides.

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