PCNRC Periodical Subscriptions – What Are You Reading?

So many great publications and So little time!

Having once been in the position many of you find yourselves today I know how precious time for ‘extra’ reading is, and budgeting for several of the many nonprofit periodicals may also be difficult, so we are happy to let you read ours!

  • The Nonprofit Quarterly
  • Grassroots Fundraising Journal
  • Nonprofit World: Advancement Through Sharing
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review
  • Responsive Philanthropy [ National Committee for Responsive Philanthropy Quarterly Journal]
  • Philanthropy Matters [ The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University]
  • The Nonprofit Times: The Leading Business Publication For Nonprofit Management
  • The Chronicle of Philanthropy
  • Stanford Social Innovation Review

Most of our periodicals aren’t circulating which makes them the perfect excuse to get out from behind your desk regularly and venture to the library for an hour or so of undisturbed reading (we suggest sitting in the Silent Reading Room for truly undisturbed time).


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