The 2011 Nonprofit Fundraising Survey

The Nonprofit Research Collaborative (NRC)* asks organizations about fundraising results three times a year.  This month, we have questions about specific fundraising techniques and whether funds raised are up or down compared to last year. The list of techniques ranges from board giving to SMS/Texting. There are also a few questions about capital campaigns in this wave.

What is working for your organization? What is not? What do you think holds the most promise for your organization’s fundraising success? Please click the link or enter the URL into your browser to open the survey.

Get started now:

When you take the survey and submit your answers, you can also provide your email address to get a copy of the report that will come out shortly after Labor Day.

If you have questions, please contact Melissa Brown. She is coordinating this project for the NRC. Melissa can be reached at or at 317-506-5651.

*Seven organizations have banded together to form the Nonprofit Research Collaborative. They are: Association of Fundraising Professionals, Blackbaud, The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, The Foundation Center, Giving USA Foundation, GuideStar, and the National Center for Charitable Statistics at the Urban Institute.

Previous reports include:

The 2010 Nonprofit Fundraising Survey: Funds Raised in 2010 Compared with 2009

The Nonprofit Research Collaborative: November 2010 Fundraising Survey

The Urban Institute is a nonprofit, nonpartisan policy research and educational organization that examines the social, economic, and governance challenges facing the nation. It provides information, analyses, and perspectives to public and private decision makers to help them address these problems and strives to deepen citizens’ understanding of the issues and trade-offs that policymakers face.

Re-posted from The Center on Nonprofits and Philanthropy Newsletter- July 2011

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