Applications Not Accepted? What’s a Nonprofit to Do?

“Of the more than 86,000 independent, community, and corporate foundations in the United States, 60 percent state that they do not accept unsolicited proposals.”

– Bradford K. Smith, Foundation Center president

In our Grant Basics I class we mention the opportunity to cultivate a relationship with funders who do not accept unsolicited proposals, but what does that actually mean?

Here are a set of reliable resources that address the issue from your perspective – why don’t some funders accept unsolicited proposals and how can you get on their list?

Enjoy and good luck!

– Lettie

Read through this GrantSpace online chat with panelist Bradford K. Smith, president of Foundation Center, and Pamela Grow, author, coach, consultant and more, for their thoughts and experiences on “preselect” foundations.

  • Read Foundation Center President, Bradford K. Smith’s PhilanTopic blog post “Don’t Call Us, We’ll Call You” for more background information on why a foundation might choose to not accept unsolicited proposals.

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