Indiana Public Access Laws

On Wednesday, June 8, 2011, the Office of the Indiana Attorney General Educational and Professional Development Services co-hosted a seminar on Indiana’s Public Access Laws with the Hoosier State Press Association, and the Public Access Counselor.

Here are links to online resources on Indiana Public Access Laws:

The Office of the Indiana Public Access Counselor

Mission Statement

The Public Access Counselor provides advice and assistance concerning Indiana’s public access laws to members of the public and government officials and their employees.


 – Lettie

2 thoughts on “Indiana Public Access Laws

  1. Lettie had asked me after I made it known that I attended this workshop to provide some information. What she has here is the best I could suggest. There is truly no way to summarize the workshop in a few words (other than with the links) except to say, “If you’re doing it in secret, think about why and how the secrecy is going to be perceived.”


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