This is Your Chance …

to ask a panel of local funders a question.

What do you want to know?

We’re pulling together a list of questions for the Seventh Annual Meet the Funders program and wondering if you have a burning question or general inquiry.

We submit questions to the panel in advance as a courtesy. If you have an open-ended question that would benefit all of the nonprofit attendees, let us know.

Past questions have been collected from patron feedback and current events and have covered changes in giving practices based on the economy, a discussion of proposals that stand out and “what not to do.”

The deadline on this is quick – we’re submitting questions Friday.

Respond anonymously or leave your name and submit a comment here, send an email to lhaver[at]acpl[dot]info or comment on our Facebook page.

You can also help us decide which questions are most pressing by liking them on Facebook: See our Facebook comments here.

Thanks for your input!

– Lettie

2 thoughts on “This is Your Chance …

  1. Why do funders seem least likely to want to fund operating costs vs. program enhancements? Sometimes you need both to be able to do something consistent and substantial.


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