Great Boards for Small Groups

A 1-Hour Guide to Governing A Growing Nonprofit
by Andy Robinson

In this quick read, Robinson guides board members quickly through a wide range of board service concerns and effective strategies – with an eye for adapting to your board’s culture and size.

Robinson addresses ongoing nonprofit board issues such as:

  • Deliberation vs. Action
  • Setting goals for board giving and getting
  • Give generously – people are paying attention

Robinson also offers “How to fix it” solutions to these specific nonprofit board challenges (and more):

  • Poor follow-through on commitments
  • Micro-management and confusion about roles
  • Inactive board members who really need to leave

In the appendices, Robinson shows readers tools he describes throughout the book that help shape a board through shared expectations. The tools include:

Sample board job description outlining “what board members can provide” and “what board members can expect in return”

  • Sample Board Recruitment Matrix with blank fields for your organization to determine what skills and qualities you need
  • Sample Board Application and Nomination form
  • and a Sample Meeting Agenda

– Lettie

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