Google for Nonprofits

About this time last month, Google launched its Google for Nonprofits program. We’ve waited to share information until some nonprofits and bloggers have had a chance to test drive. Maybe you heard about it, but aren’t sure how it could be different than the Google tools you’re already familiar with. Here’s the skinny:

  • By signing up for the program through an online application, your nonprofit can gain access to Google tools in one place.
  • Now Google gives you access to selected Case Studies of how other nonprofits are using the program.
  • Google Apps for Nonprofits essentially pulls together Google’s apps to make it easy for you to see how nonprofits can use them.
  • From the Google for Nonprofits Resource Page, you can also connect with other nonprofits through online forums, watch introductory video on using the Google tools, and more.

Instead of going into the details of the program, we’ve collected some resources to cover that for you:

How are you using Google for Nonprofits to further your mission?

– Lettie

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