Are the Books Circulating or what?

Dear Patrons,

***UPDATE*** May 18, 2011
You can check out your nonprofit books now! With a current Allen County Public Library card – and now – without hassle, you can even place them on hold. Thanks for you patience! Your collection is now yours. Again:)

Previously, at the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center:

Last October, we opened the collection – the books here at the Paul Clarke Nonprofit Resource Center – up for circulation. For the first time in decades – you could check (most of) them out!

We were excited to see your excited faces when you learned that you could take your books home.

Yesterday, owing to a temporary technological glitch that made the books “unholdable,” we put circulation on pause. Once the problem is solved, you can check your books out – without our help.

In the meantime, you can still check out the books here – we just need to fill out reference permission slips to take to the check out desk.

I am sorry for the temporary inconvenience and will let you know when all is normal – with the checkouts, at least;).

Questions, comments, concerns? Call us at 260-421-1238 or

– Lettie

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