Re-Inventing the Arts and Arts Education for the 21st Century

Edited by Edward P. Clapp

Based on his experiences with generational issues  in the arts, Edward P. Clapp offers 20 essays on the future of the arts from under 40 arts professionals throughout the field:

“dancers, filmmakers, musicians, singers, video-artists, graduate students, professors, teaching artists, administrators, scientists, scholars, business owners – even a television show host.”

Each chapter/essay begins with a summary and ends with a unique URL to an online discussion of the ideas presented. While this allows readers to scan the collection, Clapp wouldn’t recommend reading it that way. Instead, he wants readers to find a “cross-pollination” of the ideas from diverse parts of the field by reading each piece.

Written for not only young arts leaders, but also their senior management, executive directors, consultants and leadership coaches, professors and even boards of directors, we’ve also read reviews from nonprofits in other fields who find the work relevant.

Essays include:

  • Inventing the Future of the Arts: Seven Digital Trends that Present Challenges and Opportunities for Success in the Cultural Sector
    By Brian Newman
  • The Epoch Model: An Arts Organization with an Expiration Date
    By David J. McGraw
  • Structures for Change: Recommendations for Renewed Institutional Practices to Support Leadership Qualities in Young Arts Professionals
    By Edward P. Clapp and Ann Gregg
  • Redefining “Artistic” Administration
    By Sue Landis and Jessica Rivkin Larson
  • Please, Don’t Start a Theater Company!: Next Generation Arts Institutions and Alternative Career Paths
    By Rebecca Novick
  • Audiences at the Gate: Re-Inventing Arts Philanthropy Through Guided Crowdsourcing
    By Ian David Moss and Daniel Reid
  • Failures, Losers, and Screenwriter Wannabes: Storytelling for the Screen in the 21st Century
    By Michelle Bellino and Michael Bellino
  • Ctrl C + Ctrl V: The Rise of the Copy and the Fall of the Author
    By Casey Lynch
  • Re-thinking Critique: Questioning the Standards, Re-thinking the Format, Engaging Meanings Constructed in Context
    By Mariah Doren
  • Choreographing Embodied Anatomy as a Method For Igniting Kinesthetic Empathy in Dance Audiences
    By Shannon Preto
  • Attracting 21st Century Arts Audiences: An Administrative Perspective of Arts Participation from Portland, Oregon
    By Elizabeth Lamb
  • The “Why” of Arts Organizations in the DIY Era: Support for the Do-It-Yourself Artistic Generation
    By Claire Rice, Michael Mauskapf, Charlie Hack, and Forest Juziuk
  • Adults, Appreciation, and Participatory Arts Education
    By Danielle La Senna
  • The Art of Higher Learning: The Creative Campus and the Evolving Phenomenon of University Arts Engagement
    By Eric Oberstein
  • Riding through the Borderlands: Sustainable Art, Education, and Social Justice
    By Marissa McClure
  • Creating a Fourth Culture: Methods for Developing a Symbiosis Between the Arts and Sciences to Address Climate Change and Cultivate an Interdisciplinary Future
    By Rebecca Potts
  • Half a Million Years of Art History: How the Human Origins of Art Can Change Arts Education Today
    By Jeff Lieberman and Eric Gunther
  • The Conflicted Brain: The Impact of Modern Technologies on Our Cognition and How Arts Education can be the Keystone to Whole-Mindedness
    By Jennifer Groff
  • The New Fundamentals: Introducing Computation into Arts Education
    By Kylie Peppler
  • Handprint Turkeys and the Cotton Ball Snowman: Is There Hope for an Artful America?
    By Bridget Matros


  • Click on the book image to go to the Allen County Public Library Catalog.
  • Spend some time on the 20Under40 website, where you’ll find:

– Lettie

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