Sources of Nonprofit Revenue

The facts and figures are out about which sources of income funds U.S. nonprofits

The largest source of revenue across all reporting public charities is fees from the sale of goods and services, such as patient care (including Medicare and Medicaid), tuition, or admission tickets. Overall, such fees accounted for 69.8 percent of revenue in 2008. Of this, 45.5 percentage points come from private sources and 24.3 percentage points from government sources .

Contributions and grants account for 20.4 percent of revenue, of which private sources account for 12.4 percentage points and government sources for 8.0 percentage points.

Considering both fees and grants, government accounts for 32.3 percent of revenue of reporting public charities. Compared with 2007, the share from contributions dropped 6 percent, likely reflecting the beginning of the recession. The share of support from government increased 12 percent.

Now lets look at the PRIVATE SOURCES piece of pie above and see what sources constitute that 20%.  The total estimated change of -3.2%, after adjustment for inflation, is a larger decline in charitable giving than the revised estimated change of -2.4% for 2008.  Individual giving is estimated to be nearly the same in 2009 as in 2008 but estimated charitable bequests changed by -23.6%, adjusted for inflation in 2009. Grantmaking by independent, community, and operating foundations shifted -8.6%, adjusted for inflation, in 2009 and lastly corporate giving showed a change of 5.9%, adjusted for inflation.

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